VanityX™ USB Powered Vanity Mirror bulbs

$ 39.99 $ 79.99

Professional makeup 14 Hollywood dimmable LED mirror light bulbs will provide plenty of brightness to makeup in dark.
The lights can change gradually from daylight to natural light, warm light. Allows you to draw the best makeup for different occasions under ideal conditions.

* USB Powered- the bulbs and the power supply can be connected by USB in many ways, such as laptop, power bank, socket, so it is very easy to use.
* Brightness adjustment, the brightness can be adjusted from bright to dark, from dark to bright, according to your need.

* It equips with memory function, recording the last lighting mode when you use it and it is the same lighting mode when you use it again.

* The Max distance between two bulbs is about 33cm, which fits in most of the mirrors. 

* DC 12V Input voltage, safe to use.

* Good cooling effect, energy saving, long lifespan.

* Can be used for makeup, fill light, decoration, mirror decoration lamp, stage decoration lamp, cabinet decoration lamp studio decoration lamp and so on.


* Be suitable for Wedding Birthday Party Valentine's Day and other festivals.

* Product name: LED Makeup Light Bulbs

* Input Voltage: DC12V

* Power: 8W / 12W / 16W / 20W

* Light Color: Nature White

* Color temperature: (3500-5500K)

* Plug: USB Port

* Bulb Size: 3.2cm X 4cm X 4.8cm

* Number of Bulbs: 10pcs/ 14pcs

* Distance Between 2 Bulbs: Approx 33cm 

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