Precise GPS Locater

$ 39.95 $ 150

A vehicle is still stolen every 5 minutes in the world.

Over 870,000 Vehicles were stolen last year! Don't let your car be another statistic, protect your car with an Precise GPS Tracker!
It can also be used to track your kids, loved ones.


  • Accurate and Compact so that it can be anyplace in your car.
  • Sends you the exact location in 30 seconds when you call the device.
  • It will notify if the car moves out of the specified area marked out on the map.
  • You can call the device and listen to conversation as it has in-built mic.
  • It will notify you if the car goes over the specified speed limit.

Simply insert a standard GSM SIM card into the GPS unit. Whenever you call the unit it will respond with the real-time geo-coordinates of its location via an SMS. If you have a smartphone then you can click over the geo-coordinates (hyperlink) to see the exact location on Google map. 
Due to the high demand please wait at least 2-3 weeks. ( It might come sooner than that.)



  • Please fully charge the battery before its first use.
  • Use only standard size SIM Card. Insert the SIM card- wait for 45 - 60 sec until the green LED start blinking.
  • Please do NOT use any 3rd party application (iPhone/Android app) to configure the GPS tracker.

 * A User manual is sent with the device which have all the instructions *


The factory default password of your brand new GPS tracker is 123456.

1. Turn on the device

Send an SMS: begin123456 and the tracker will reply: begin ok!

2. IMEI check

Like a mobile phone, every GPS tracker has a unique IMEI number. You should take a note of the IMEI number. Send this SMS command to the tracker: imei123456
The tracker will reply: imei 35971004xxxxyyy

3. Time Zone Set

To set the correct Time Zone to your trakcer.
Command format: time<SPACE>zone<PASSWORD><SPACE>GMT-time-offset 

If you are in NSW: Send SMS: time zone123456 11

4. Status Check

To check the status of the GPS tracker by sending an SMS command: check123456
You will receive a reply SMS
Battery 100%

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