Portable Massage Pillow

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The Amazing Massage Pillow instantly takes away all the stiffness and soreness from your muscles and makes you feel relaxed and fresh. The massage pillow have rotating heads that effectively massages the back of your head, neck, upper and lower back, and calves. You can also attach this to your car seat and get massaged while you drive. No expensive massage sessions necessary! 

Your Personal Masseur 
Normally Sold for $̶1̶89̶.̶9̶5̶   
, Now Its 60% OFF for a limited time and you can grab it for as low as $69.95

Now you can instantly feel fresh & relaxed! A must-have for people who have a desk job, long working hours, travelling job or old age. You don't have to spend the money for all those expensive massage sessions!

  • Two modes: Normal rotation, Infrared Heating rotation.
  • Easy to Use. Press the button and it will do its magic.
  • Ideal for Men and Women 
  • Feels like a real Masseur.
  • Includes 1 x massage pillow, 1 x home adapter, 1 x car adapter.
  • Uses very less electricity of 12V.
  • Can be attached to Car headrest and used while driving.

 Please note: Due to High Demand, The order will take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Customer Reviews:

Michael: Good massager, feels like someone is hand massaging me. I use it while driving.

Rachel: Bought this for my Mom, But sometimes I borrow and use myself xoxo

Emily: After a long tiring day, I get massage from my personal Masseuse. Haha, yes it feels like someone is massaging. 

Jorge: Best thing i have ever bought!


By, Tarina on August 30, 2017


I couldn't believe how great this product when I got it. I saw it on Facebook and was afraid to buy it but it looked so cool and the price was so good that I decided to give it shot, and I'm so glad I did! I have severe pain in the neck & shoulder region; This pillow takes it all away. My friends saw me using it and they ordered  for themselves. Great product and highly recommend it :)

By, Charles on August 2, 2017


Incredible product! The combination of heating and revolving makes me sometime believe that someone is doing massage on me. 10/10 recommended.  

By, Jose on July 17, 2017


I bought this for my Dad, He loves it and the experience is really good, Its like kneading. I recommend this to product. Great quality.

By, David on June 18, 2017


I recently purchased the Massage Pillow, and I’m glad I did! It's so easy to use. I have taken massage sessions from local spa center quite a lot times due to the pain in my back back and neck, Its costly but I had no choice, Until I found this pillow, This pillow comes at the fraction of the price I have spent at the spa and yet provide the utmost comfort and relaxation. I highly recommend this product to anyone.

By, Mark on May 11, 2017


The best part about this product is how portable it is! I use it in my office chair while working, Then on my car headrest while on my way to home. This is awesome!!!

By, Chris on April 2, 2017


The Portable Massage Pillow works great, I have been using this daily from last 6 months and sometimes I even sleep while using it, Its so relaxing & Refreshing. Great invention!

By, Linda on March 11, 2017


I hadn’t ever purchased anything online in the past, but my daughter kept telling me to get this product. It took me a few weeks to finally purchase it, and it was the first online purchase I made. I’m shocked at how great this product is, and I’m very thankful my daughter convinced me to get this!

By, Ron on February 22, 2017


Got 2 of these for me and my parents and we absolutely in love with this product! I use it literally every single day. This is an awesome product and I highly recommend it!

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