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Do you suffer from uncomfortable pain and discomfort in areas like your lower back, buttocks and legs? If so, the Active Brace is the perfect solution for you! With its state of the art design and easy to adjust material structure the Active Brace provides the perfect amount of pressure to the nerves in your knees, legs, and back providing instant pain relief. The Active Brace works immediately, relieving all discomfort fast!


  • Material: Polyester (100 %) 
  • Easy to Adjust For The Perfect Fit 
  • Comfortable Enough to Sleep In
  • Wear It Under Any Outfit
  • Perfect For Exercise
  • No Medicine or Chemicals or Surgery! 



By, Tanya on Nov 30, 2017

Verified Purchase
Great brace and really works. Using it at this moment :-)

By, John  on Nov 27, 2017

I love this brace!
I can wear it for at least 10 hours with good comfort and it immediately takes the pain or most of it away. It's a miracle product for leg, hip and back pain!

By, Bob on Nov 27, 2017
Yes it Works!!!!
I bought it for my 72yo dad with bad knees and back he put it on and with in 2 minutes he said his knees was not hurting or his back.. So that is a big plus for me cause i was very worried about him.

By, Tom on Nov 23, 2017
Pain Stopped
The brace eliminates nerve pains that initially come from sciatica of the lower back. Disc herniation causes nerve spikes in my right knee that are very painful.

By, Nancy Richardson Nov 8, 2017
After having brace on for about half hour pain I have been putting up with in my lower leg was gone. Wear it one day a week and have no pain for the rest of the week.

By, Sheri October 20, 2017
It worked for me! Amazing

I have never seen this on TV or heard about it. I saw it at a kitchen store in an outlet mall at salt lake city.I have had sciatica for more than 30 years. It comes & goes. This time it's bad again because I fell on my back 4 months ago. And I also sprained my ankle a few weeks ago. A person living in pain will try anything. And so I did. I didn't expect anything much. I put it on for 4 hours that morning. Then I went out and somehow our group decided to trek on some hill slopes to see an old native Indian panel.I didn't want to be left behind alone in the car so I went along, telling everyone they have to slow down for me, my back, my ankle, my everything would be in pain & could give way and be most uncooperative. And i made them promise to help me through the trek. I was totally astounded that i was able to keep up with everyone. I didn't need any help. Not once did my ankle feel any pain. My back was good. Everything was just so awesome. This thing is quite amazing! I kept telling everyone how amazing it was that I didn't feel any pain! I also went horse riding after that and no pain! Thank God for this brace.

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