Multipurpose Touch-less Dispenser

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Touch-less Dispenser is easy to use, hands-free soap dispenser that works like magic. It uses the latest motion sensing technology to dispense soap and will give you the perfect amount every time.

Don’t spread germs around with bar soaps and their trays. Ordinary soap dispensers are slightly better but germs are still being spread when dirty hands touch the pump.

Get Soap Magic and you can eliminate the spread of germs since it is hands-free. Just fill it with any liquid soap and you are ready to go. Plus it also works with lotions, shampoos and even hand sanitizers.

The Soap Magic makes applying moisturisers and body lotions a breeze. You no longer to have apply one pump at a time. It is also great to use at workshops, hospitals, kitchens,restaurant for cleaning up without touching anything.



  • Easy to use, hands-free dispenser
  • Uses the latest motion sensing technology
  • Dispenses the perfect amount every time
  • Works with all liquid soaps, lotions, shampoos and hand sanitizers
  • Makes applying body lotion a breeze
  • Use it at workshops for cleaning up without touching anything





Worked very well. Seller was very understanding and made everything right! - This item has built-in infrared smart sensor, so soap liquid is coming automatically once laying your hand or dishware, It’s pretty easy



Quality is very good and it is working fine. It’s automatic and without touching the dispenser soap liquid is coming, so there will not be any infection. Up to all I can give 5 star rating to this product.



The automatic soap dispenser is good; it’s innovative method with sensor which avoids from extra liquid drips. It is very suitable for the kids where they can use required liquid to wash their hands.



This dispenser works perfectly and we can keep or hang where we like. Its transparent body allows us to check the level of the soap liquid. It’s fully automatic and touch free operation.



The product is very good and smart looking and has elegant design. Its touch free operation helps in preventing cross contamination and germ transfer. It’s perfect to be used in kitchens and wash rooms.

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