Wall Climbing RC Car

$ 39.95

If your kids love remote control toys they're not going to believe what this can do!

Using the latest in suction technology, the gravity defying car can drive on any smooth surface such as floors, walls, windows, glass and even ceilings!

They won't be able to believe their eyes!

Perfect gift idea. Not available in stores!

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I'm a mom of two boys, so I can tell you a lot about remote control cars.! It's made from lightweight material because it climbs walls. And it really does!
There is a switch on the back of the car "floor, wall, off." When you move it to the "wall" option, you will hear a suction sound. Just stick it on the wall and watch it go. The kids flipped out. So much fun.
We tested it on all the walls. It sticks to windows, wood paneling, textured wall, fireplace, and wood cabinet.
I've seen cars that flip, cars that ramp, cars that light up, make noise, and do all sorts of things but this is the first time I've seen a car that climbs the walls.
The remote control takes AA batteries, but the car itself can be recharged via USB which I appreciate.
Mine actually came with the batteries included and the car charged up. It was ready to go right out of the box.
We bought this for a present, but my kids want to keep it really badly.
I'm giving it 5 stars. It does exactly what it says it does. Even though I was skeptical, it's a really fun toy for my little boys.

Purchased two of these for a three and a four year old both were thrilled watching them climb the walls and controlling where they went, I have to say us grown-UPS were. pretty amazed by them scratching our heads on how they could defy gravity very happy I bought them, great buy.

Gift for grandson. He loves it especially on the walls.

Very nice.. bought for my sisters son and he loved it

These little cars have zoom and they are awesome to watch spinning around the walls, the lights make it even funner! The boys loved them, so did the adult boys! Thank you.

Gave these to my babies and they loved it. I love that the cars come with a USB charger to go up wall. We love them and so do their friends. Now we have friends who will be buying these for their kids and family. It was a big hit!!

My kids (a 14 year old boy and 7 year old girl) love it. They've been playing with it for hours. I didn't realize it had lights so that's a nice detail. It's louder than I expected but it keeps kids busy.

When the children opened this package, they were really excited, but being children they did not read the package. They proceeded to run them on the floor as any normal car. Once they had played with them awhile I put one of the cars in wall mode and all of us were amazed as it zoomed all around the walls of our house. I have never seen anything like it. I expected it to slowly travel on the wall, but it zipped across the wall as if it were on the floor. It seemed magical.

Cool item. Son received loves it. Every-time someone sees this they are amazed. Feels cheap due to featherweight but it has to be light to suction to walls.

It was a gift for my grand nephew (six years old) and since he loves it, I'm giving it 5 stars - the climbing the wall was the clincher making this a real winner over just another remote control car.

Bought 5 cars, delivery was fast and to my front door.. No issues. Thank you.. This was a gift for a child in need.. I will update and his joy with you once his Mom tells me how he liked it.. I will be ordering more.. Thanks again.. You're gonna make a kid smile!!


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