Foam Generating Beer Mug

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Real beer lovers pour with enjoyment to put the lovely head on a beer!

Beer is indeed generally supposed to have a head. The foam can add to both the flavor and the texture of your beer.

This mug will make a nice beer head everytime you press the button, get that freshly poured beer drink taste even at home with the super useful and fun Sparkling Beer Mug.

What the foam will do is to release gas, aroma and flavor components of the beer
so no gas is consumed and will make a more pleasurable drinking experience for the consumer.

• The Sparkling Beer Mug works very easy: Just press down the switch on the handle and bubbles will immediately start to form, as the glass itself works to create freshly poured foam. 

• Just keep on pressing the switch to generate however much froth you like in your beer. 

The head of a beer is quite complex, consisting of proteins that are acted on by the hops, the yeast, and the carbonation.

Foam affects the way the beer feels in our mouths, as well. The density of the head gives the beer a creamy quality and a sense of fullness on the tongue. This amazing Mug will keep your beer fresh with a really nice head.

• No batteries needed
• Color: Transparent
• Material: High-quality plastic
• Product size: Approx.110*70*125mm

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