$ 24.95
Use this device to connect 2 Bluetooth Speakers to one audio device!
Effortlessly transmit audio signal of a TV, DVD, MP3 or any device with a headphone jack to Bluetooth receivers, earphones or speakers by using Bluetooth wireless technology. 
This device is compatible with our bluetooth speaker bulbs!

  • Press the power button for 2 seconds 
  • The device will search for new devices in range after it has booted up. The red lights will flash simultaneously. 
  • If 1 red light is lit and the other red light is flashing,  one device has been connected, and the device is searching for second piece of equipment 
  • If the device fails to connect to the second speaker after 30 seconds, it will automatically stop the search, the red light will stop flashing. If you want to search again the second device, simply press the power button. 
  • When two devices are connected successfully, 2 red lights will sync. 
  • To turn off Press power for 2 seconds 
  • A Bright blue light will turn on when charging, When fully charged, the blue light will turn off.

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