Baby Girl Mermaid Swimsuit

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Just released - Limited Time Only!
This item is NOT available in stores.

Treat your little girl with this lovely Mermaid Costume. Make her feel like a Mermaid¬†ūüėć
Makes a perfect gift too.

Customers Pics:

Daughter is Happy :)
Genelia, New York

Material was great. My princess loves to wear this at the beach.
Brandon, London

Great Swimsuit. Got tracking id within a day from the order, Delivered in 2 weeks.
Anita, Miami


Size:3-4years =100cm height
        4-5years =110cm height
        5-6years =120cm height
        6-7years =130cm height
        7-8years =140cm height
        8-9years =150cm height
3-4 Years  Dress Waist 42cm/16.51"  
                 Hips 54cm/21.22"
                 Bra Length 12cm/ 4.72"
                 Bottom Length 20cm/7.86"
                 Bottom Waist 49cm/19.26"  
                 Tail Length 70cm/27.51"
                 Bust Stretch/Normal 54cm/46cm( 21.22"/18.08")
4-5 Years  Dress Waist 42cm/16.51"  
                 Hips 54cm/21.22"
                 Bra Length 13cm/ 5.11"
                 Bottom Length 21cm/8.25"
                 Bottom Waist 52cm/20.44"  
                 Tail Length 74cm/27.51"
                 Bust Stretch/Normal 56cm/48cm( 22"/18.96")
5-6 Years  Dress Waist 46cm/18.08"  
                 Hips 56cm/22"
                 Bra Length 13cm/ 5.11"
                 Bottom Length 22cm/8.65"
                 Bottom Waist 54cm/21.22"  
                 Tail Length 78cm/30.65"
                 Bust Stretch/Normal 58cm/50cm( 22.79"/19.65")
6-7 Years  Dress Waist 48cm/18.86"  
                 Hips 58cm/22.79"
                 Bra Length 13cm/ 5.11"
                 Bottom Length 23cm/9.04"
                 Bottom Waist 57cm/22.4"  
                 Tail Length 82cm/32.23"
                 Bust Stretch/Normal 60cm/52cm( 23.58"/20.44")
7-8 Years  Dress Waist 50cm/19.65"  
                 Hips 62cm/24.37"
                 Bra Length 13cm/ 5.11"
                 Bottom Length 24cm/9.43"
                 Bottom Waist 59cm/23.19"  
                 Tail Length 86cm/33.8"
                 Bust Stretch/Normal 62cm/54cm( 24.37"/21.22")
8-9 Years  Dress Waist 52cm/20.44"  
                 Hips 64cm/25.15"
                 Bra Length 14cm/ 5.5"
                 Bottom Length 25cm/9.83"
                 Bottom Waist 61cm/23.97"  Tail Length 90cm/35.37"
                 Bust Stretch/Normal 64cm/56cm( 25.15"/22")
Please Order Correct Size by measuring sized from above table.

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