This Charger helped me find Cheating Girlfriend!

My life was going great, my girlfriend was my senior in college. I thought we are a perfect pair but a friend of mine told me that she is cheating on me. I could not believe it. I trusted her a lot but still I asked her about it; She denied all claims. I was frustrated, I wanted to know the truth; But i did not know how.

Some time later I found this charger, It had camera in it and had inbuilt memory. I tested this before doing any stupid thing. The video was super clear 1080p and the voice was also excellent, this device exceeded my expectations, despite such a small size the video was crisp clear and felt like it is filmed from a premium camera.


They sent an instruction manual with the charger to use it. It had all the steps to use this Hidden camera. They will also include this special USB Cable ( Male - Male). You can view the recordings only with this cable which is not usually available with mobile shops, So even if someone finds this charger is chager plus camera; they need this cable to view the recordings.

I had ordered this Hidden camera to my parents address, I was bit worried if they will found out what i ordered and  will ask me un-necessary questions of why do i need things like that. Surprisingly the package was a normal USB Charger package. There was no signs on the package that could give away the fact that this was a hidden camera.

After checking the working of this camera-cum-charger, I found one opportunity to plug it in her room and left it there to record everything. Unfortunately I found that there was this guy who she was sleeping with. Later on I found that he was her ex-boyfriend. I was really disappointed. After weeks of depression I have come over this awful time of my life.

It was this hidden camera that helped me find out the truth. Here is the video which showcase all its features.

There is no button or openings which will give away the fact that this is a camera. They provide you a special cable which can be used to view the recordings by connecting the cable to the computer. Oh I almost forgot, It can also Charge your phone.